To make sure we continue to minimize our potential negative environmental impact, we have developed an ecological merchandise.
We developed our new merchandise with the manufacturer Texpak. TexPak aims to be a cut above the rest by exceeding international norms and standards, by putting the environment first, and by establishing the best possible work environment for every single employee.
Texpak works environmentally conscious in everything they do. From changing all their lights to LED, to swapping all sewing machine motors for high-efficiency and energy saving step motors.
The manufacturer is located in Pakistan. From an environmental perspective, Lahore (Pakistan) proved to be a solid choice as a prime location for production.
  • Less road transport thanks to the use of natural resources (local cotton from Pakistan), resulting in a substantial reduction of carbon dioxide emissions
  • Less water consumption thanks to high tech machinery
  • An enormous history and decades of experience in apparel manufacturing
  • The most extensive irrigation system in the world
  • Huge amount of domestic water resources. Wastewater gets purified and reused through ETP effluent water systems
The merchandise is made of 100% recycled cotton (65% regenerated cotton / 35% recycled polyester) and made without any toxic substances in the garments.
Take a look at the certifications:
  • Sustainable cotton through BCI
  • Organic cotton through GOTS, OCS 100 or OCS blended
  • Recycled Polyester through GRS
  • Sustainable cellulose through Tencel and projects of Regenerated Cotton/Polyester
  • OEKO-TEX (STANDARD-100) Level 1 ; REACH; SEDEX SMETA pillar 4
Fair working conditions above all
Paradise City thinks about environmental impact, but also about the fair working conditions. Texpak provide work and steady income for about 10,000 people and is dedicated to creating outstanding working environments for all employees. They prioritize safety at work, enforce humane working hours and give the workers opportunities to develop in the company.
The road to women empowerment
90% of Texpak’s workers are women. Texpak believes in a bright future for every single one of them. They want to help create a world in which every woman and girl can create the kind of life she wishes to lead, unconstrained by harmful norms and stereotypes. We believe a world where women are economically empowered will be a fairer, happier and more prosperous place to live. Texpak makes a constant effort to care for their female workers in the best way possible. They provide a series of important benefits like two bonuses per year, insurance, a policy against overtime, all kinds of training programs, 90-day maternity leave, and many more.
Certificates revolving around fair working conditions: